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Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

The vibrating feeder is also called “vibrating feeding machine”. The GZD series vibrating feeder manufactured by our company is a new-type vibrating feeder specially designed for uniformly conveying bulk materials before the medium crushing and coarse crushing process.This type of feeder adopts a structure with the double-eccentric-shaft exciter, which ensures the equipment to bear the impact caused by lump material falling, so the feeding material capability is very large. In the process of production, the lump and particle material can be fed into the material receiving device from the storage bin uniformly, regularly and continuously, so as to avoid the system halting, thus, the service life of the equipments is prolonged.

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Vibrating Feeder Features:

  • stable and long span life
  • easy to adjust

Vibrating Feeder Working Principle:

  • The vibrating feeder consists of a feeding tank, exciter, a spring support and a transmission device. The vibrating source for the vibrating feed for the tank is the exciter. The exciter consists of two eccentric axes (positive and negative) and a gear pair. The motor drives the positive axis through the V-belt, then, the gear on the positive axis will mesh with the negative axis, in this case, the positive axis and negative axis contra-rotate at the same time, to make the tank vibrate, thus the material will flow continuously, and the purpose of conveying the material is achieved.

Vibrating Feeder Benefits:

  • reliable operation.
  • easy maintenance

Vibrating Feeder Model Specifications