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T130X Superfine Grinding Mill,Ultrafine Mill

T130X Superfine Grinding Mill

T130X reinforced superfine mill(which also named ultrafine mill) is mainly used in metallurgy,building materials,chemicals,mining of minerals such as grinding materials processing,it can ground feldspar,calcite,talc,barite,fluorite earth,rare marble,ceramic,bauxite,manganese ore,iron ore,copper ore,phosphate rock,red iron oxide,slag,clinker,activated carbon,dolomite,granite,yellow iron oxide,soybean meal,chemical fertilizers,compound fertilizers fly ash,bituminous coal,coke,lignite,sand,magnesite,gold,red clay,clay,kaolin,coke,coal gangue,porcelain clay,kyanite,fluorspar,bentonite,rhyolite stone, muddy green rock,rock,leaf wax ,shale rock,stone dwelling,gypsum,graphite,insulation materials,processing of all minerals with moisture below 6%,non-flammable or explosive.

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T130X Superfine Grinding Mill Features:

  • The main frame and the base are completely soft-linked rather than rigid-contacted.It avoids the vibration from the chamber transferring to the main frame and the classifier,which improving the precision of the classifier.
  • The base are made of anti-crack nodular cast iron which boasts the strength of cast steel,the anti-vibration of cast iron and good impact resistance
  • Ultrafine Mill adopts the reducer that simulates German Flender.Technological advantage of professional reducer manufacturers are made full use of to improve machine stability.Reducer and motor are connected by V-belt which is conducive to overload protection

T130X Superfine Grinding Mill Working Principle:

  • Bulk materials are crushed by jaw crusher to the desired size,by the elevator sent to the storage hopper, and then the vibrating feeder evenly send the material into the host and continuously grinding in mill room, after grinding, the powder will flow up by the wind machine, and classified by the classifier, the standard powder will flow through the bypass pipe into the powder collector, the collection were isolated by a valve discharge, this is final powder. Airflow flow through the top back pipe of the bypass collector to centrifugal fan, the air system is closed loop negative pressure that ensured the production site environment security.

T130X Superfine Grinding Mill Benefits:

  • The classifier adopts frequency control of motor speed with the characteristics of energy-saving, precison, good process control mobility and high degree of automation
  • Bypass powder collector with a dust isolation chamber make more dust go into the bottom of cyclone by the bypass system to avoid the dust escaping from air vents. Compared with general powder collector,it has the character of low pressure loss and high efficiency, particularly being conducive to collect the powder particles which is difficult to collect.
  • The maintenance platform makes maintenance work safer and more convenient.

T130X Superfine Grinding Mill Model Specifications