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Vertical impact crusher for production aggregate of highway construction in Thailand

The Thailand Ministry of Transportation Office of rural roads this month’s scheduled high project cost budget of over 88 billion baht rural roads fill tender, stressed that the the bidding project must be completed before the flood season the Chao Phraya River in August 2012, and 2012 for village-level road surface to fill highThe project budget more than 33 billion baht in 2011. Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Transportation Senate police will require the contractor to finish to improve work quality standards.

Rural Roads Minister Chatichai Chao Phraya River east and west coasts flood management works progress, the fill high pavement engineering design has been completed and to reach an understanding with the local population, and this week will be a tender process. The sub-36 project, the total cost of 8.8 billion of the budget of 58.48 million baht, of which the engineering supervision charge of about 300 million baht, a special way bidding provisions of the completion of the works according to the policies and regulations in August 2012, and play a role in levees complete and perfect projects completed in September 2013. East bank of the Chao Phraya River the road fill high project cost budget of 4.9 billion 66.94 million baht, a total of 18 paragraphs 213.771 kilometers in length; West Bank project cost 3.8 billion of the budget of 91.54 million baht, a total length of 147.41 km.

Aggregate supply has always been an essential raw material in road construction support means.Highway development fast gravel aggregate demand is also increasing, Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) production of large aggregates production line equipment can provide users with high-quality sand and gravel aggregate.

Vertical shaft impact crusher for aggregate production

5X vertical shaft impact crusher highly efficient vertical shaft impact crusher, crushing and shaping in one of the new crushing process, processing basalt, limestone, diabase, andesite can reach a level the flakiness below 5%, and used in the production process and more broken and lessgrinding, crushing principle to break instead of grinding to reduce the generation of powder, and greatly improve the life of wearing parts. Both for the old production line transformation in order to raise the stone quality and can fit into the company to develop high-performance concrete (C40) aggregate (stone) production line, so that you become the leading technology, effective stone production enterprises.

Vertical shaft impact crusher for aggregate production

Vertical shaft impact crusher for aggregate production

Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) is engaged in the specialized companies of pavement stone, the grassroots stone, slag, lime powder and mechanisms for building sand equipment, and large stones factory design and manufacture of crushing and screening equipment in years of service at home and abroadpractice of many sand and gravel aggregate producers, launched gravel aggregate production line equipment, can produce all kinds of stone, artificial sand, successfully resolved the problem of supply of quality aggregates in concrete in a variety of specifications for highway, port construction, construction of hydroelectric dams provide quality concrete gravel aggregate.

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