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Types of Pulverizing Machine For Sale, Manufacturers, Price in Nigeria

The main types of common pulverizing machine of jaw pulverizing machine, hammer pulverizing machine, impact pulverizing machine, hammer impact pulverizing machine, cone pulverizing machine, double roll pulverizing machine, compound pulverizing machine, Vertical shaft impact pulverizing machine, etc..

Jaw pulverizing machines are divided into coarse and fine broken two, mainly raw rough break to prepare for secondary crushing. The jaw pulverizing machine is suitable for crushing hard material or hardness in the raw material, not suitable for crushing the softness of raw materials, the moisture content of the material requirements should not be greater than 10%, moisture content is too high, jaws Yi Bo material, impact crushing efficiency. Is particularly worth mentioning is that the brickworks jaw pulverizing machine should pay attention to two points: First, before the material into the pulverizing machine, advance materials in the silt to sieve out this pulverizing machine capacity utilization efficiency view has great significance, because these particles filling the slot between the jaw edges, so that the decrease in the effective height of the ridge, as the material between the jaw just by virtue of pressure broken. Another point that should be paid attention to a jaw pulverizing machine feed should be possible to ensure the material is applied along the entire width of the feed port to ensure uniform feeding, if necessary, can be used when a special feeder.

The hammer pulverizing machine divided into several types of vertical, horizontal, single-rotor, dual rotor structure type is mainly affected by the role of high-speed movement of a hammer blow, impact, shearing, grinding and crushing. Material at most a fixed grate board, the user can choose according to their needs the appropriate aperture grate board to control the discharge size. The pulverizing machine is suitable for crushing brittle materials such as coal F-stone, shale, NA For very hard materials or viscous material, single-rotor broken than the average in the 10-15 double rotor up to 20 to 30, The moisture content of the raw materials is very strict, and generally should not exceed 8% if the moisture content is too high, easy to plug the grate plate hole without discharging. Use in order to prevent non-broken material, such as iron, steel nails falling into the pulverizing machine, you must carefully check the added material and ensure the timely non-broken material removed.

Impact pulverizing machine is hammer pulverizing machine deformation, major changes: the activities of hammerhead into a fixed hammer; 1 2 counterattack board installed in the chassis is the tangential direction of the rotor hammerhead, Impact pulverizing machine grate board, its discharge a larger particle size, commonly used in primary crushing and secondary crushing, applicable to the materials of medium hardness, the aircraft on the moisture content of the raw materials can also be relaxed to 12 percent.

Cone pulverizing machine divided into coarse crushing cone pulverizing machine,secondary crushing cone pulverizing machine,finely crushing cone pulverizing machine,Driven by the motor moving cone rotary pendulum movement, sometimes near and sometimes far away from the fixed cone, thereby doing the squeezing motion, mainly used in metallurgical industry, building materials industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silicate industry, suitable for crushing medium andall kinds of ores and rocks above average hardness.

Double roll pulverizing machine is the use of two separate sets of drive rollers, roller surface with the teeth, called tooth roll pulverizing machine. The relative rotation of the extrusion force of rolling and grinding shear to break material later when the materials into the crushing chamber of the machine, the material by Nie force, the material forced through between two rollers rotating roller shaft, at the same time by the roller shaft extrusion rolling and shear mill, the material that fragmentation, the tangent of the small particles after the fragmentation along the roller rotation by the two roll shaft gap, is thrown to the bottom of the machine, over a gap large particulate material continues to be broken into small particles discharged . Broken in the hardness of the ore.

Vertical shaft impact pulverizing machine is also called sand making machine, impact pulverizing machine works pebble after the impeller accelerated pebbles thrown out each other in the process of natural whereabouts collision, so as to achieve the crushing.

Types of pulverizing machine for sale,manufacturers,price in Nigeria

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