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Turboplex ATP High Efficiency Classifier

Developments within powder processing have led to demands for increasingly finer particles and narrower particle size distributions. In response to this need, Hosokawa have developed a diverse range of classifiers to meet differing classification applications within industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and toners. Our classifiers, designed for easy operation and maintenance, produce particle size distributions that are uniform and homogeneous, spherical, smooth and dry and easily dispersible.
Originally developed as one of the first classifiers using the “deflector wheel” principle, the Turboplex is available as a single or multi-wheel classifier. Product fineness is controlled by the speed of the classifier wheel which is adjusted using a frequency controller. Cutpoints in the range of 150 to 2.5 microns are possible.

Turboplex ATP High Efficiency Classifier

Turboplex ATP High Efficiency Classifier

Latest developments in ATP technology include “NG” new generation wheel for reduced pressure drop and turbo twin for even finer products than were previously possible.

The Turboplex is ideal for ultra fine classification of superfine powders. The patented multi-wheel design offers the same sharp top cut as a single wheel ATP but can achieve up to 6 times the capacity of a single-wheel classifier. The classification of the product is a function of the peripheral speed or the speed of the classifying wheel and the radial speed of the air flowing through the classifying wheel. The material’s fineness can be controlled by altering the speed of the classifier wheel. Rejected material is discharged at the bottom of the classifier.

The ATP can produce fines in the range of d97=4 microns or finer. The monobloc classifier wheels are available in SiC or Alumina. In this wear-resistant construction they can operate at the same speed as the steel classifier and thus achieve the same particle size cut. The monobloc design is ideal for processing abrasive materials such as feldspar and quartz.
With the newly developed NG-wheel (New Generation), the pressure drop across the classifier wheel could be significantly (up to 50%) reduced. This means lower capital costs as well as lower operational costs.

Turboplex ATP High Efficiency Classifier Features / Benefits

* Can be operated either as an independent classifier or operated in conjunction with a mill forming a high efficiency closed circuit milling and classification system.
* Model sizes range from 50 ATP Lab/R&D classifier up to multi-wheel production scale machines capable of handling several tonne/hr.
* Classifier design ensures a fines product free of oversize particles.
* A wide range of wear protected designs are available.

Turboplex ATP High Efficiency Classifier Applications

* Mineral powders.
* Toners.
* Heavy metal powders and pigments.
* Food and feedstuffs.

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