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Symons Cone Crusher Manual,Symons Cone Crusher For Sale Sri Lanka

1.Working principle of symons cone crusher

When the material is composed of coarse crushing (jaw crusher or gyratory crusher ), which is composed of a belt conveyer to symons cone crusher hopper, fall into the distributing disc evenly into the crushing chamber (the crushing chamber is made by crushing wall and the rolling mortar wall.).In the crushing chamber of symons cone crusher in materials by high speed, large stroke strong impact, extrusion, bending, the material is quickly crushed, and along the moving symons cone crusher chamber slide, through parallel band, then at least to a crushing function, to ensure that the product size uniform discharge of crushing cavity.

2.How to correctly use the symons cone crusher

symons cone crusher for fine crushing on, in general.Standard type, typically for use in two broken, i.e. breaking.The short head are generally used for fine crushing, which will eventually break.symons cone crusher China machine with only one cavity, while the symons cone crusher has four kinds of cavity.The thick, coarse, medium, fine type.The principle is to look at the granularity and discharging grain size, large feed size, product size coarse, selected super coarse type or coarse, and vice versa in the medium and fine type.

In the calculation of feed size, is opened by the side of feeding size multiplied by 0.85 as choice feeding size basis, and the product of average size is the maximum feeding by crushing ratio.

symons cone crusher standard for open cycle, short head is used for closed circulation.

In the selection of lining board, the user must consider three factors.

1) yield;

2) power;

3) wear resistance of the liner.

The general should according to the following principles:

1) the maximum feeding size;

2) variation in grain size, feed particle size distribution;

3) the material hardness;

4) the material abrasion resistance.

The longer the higher the lining plate of power consumption, hard material selected short lining board, soft material selected long liner, in the distribution of material, fine material selected short lining board, coarse material selected long lining board.

Symons Cone Crusher Manual,Symons Cone Crusher For Sale Sri Lanka

Symons Cone Crusher Manual,Symons Cone Crusher For Sale Sri Lanka

Feed particle size distribution, in general, less than the closed side discharge opening material must not be more than 10%, if more than 10%, then the power up, the granularity of product becomes flake.Viscous material amount of moisture content increases can affect the material by weight, material moisture, generally not more than 5%.

Power in use:

Standard symons cone crusher should reach 75%~80%

Short head symons cone crusher should reach 80%~85%

3.symons cone crusher due to its use of environment, the dust, and some use unit maintenance is not in place, often running in various problems, so the cone using a fault.General to specific conditions.

In general, symons cone crusher in make it should pay attention to the following questions, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

1) cone machine at work, feeding should be uniform, no segregation.If the feeding inequality appears to reduce production capacity, product size is too large, the spring moves frequently, bearing pressure, power up.

2) must have the iron removing device, to prevent the crushing cavity through the iron, if frequently have iron, may cause the accidents of broken shaft.

3) to full production, otherwise there will be a rough grain products.

4) production line in the crushing ratio distribution should be reasonable, so as to maximize the efficiency of crushing machine.

5) the spring pressure is not too tight, too much stress will also rotor breaking accident, pressure is too small will frequently beat spring, impact crusher work normally, and the product particle size coarsening.

6) the lubricating oil temperature is not too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the running of the machine.

7) the lubricating oil to be replaced frequently, too dirty, too dirty accelerating gear and Bowl w, bushings wear, or even make the shaft sleeve and die.

8) the transmission belts are arranged not too tight, otherwise it will cause the drive shaft rotation is not flexible or fracture; nor too loose, otherwise it will cause the stuffy car crusher.

9) feeding too wet too sticky, fine not too much, not too large, otherwise it will cause the stuffy car.

10) crusher discharge port deposit will cause a stuffy car.

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