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Stone breakers machine used in chromite ore processing in dubai

Chromite ore beneficiation technology

According to the content and composition of chromite ore, the general approach is to re-elect the beneficiation and high intensity magnetic separation. Also used the flotation process instance chromite, chromite re-election apparatus, jigger and shaker is the most commonly used equipment, jig suitable for processing coarse, medium size chromite ore, shaking applicable in fine-grained chromite ore, chromite re-election in the plant, jigger and shaker combination can get the best results and mineral beneficiation indicators. Magnetic separation method can also be used for sorting chromite ore, but very good magnetic separation method using a single instance of chromite ore processing, and re-election process are mostly used in combination to get the best results and mineral separation indexes.

Mobile Stone breakers machine used in chromite ore processing in dubai

Mobile Stone breakers machine used in chromite ore processing in dubai

Stone breakers machine used in chromite ore processing

1. Chromite ore crushing: ore feed to stone breakers machine, the crushed particle control in less than 20mm, transported via a conveyor belt to the rod mill hopper, crusher intermittent work, the size of hopper to meet breakers maintenance lubrication time is appropriate.
2, the rod mill feed: rod mill controlled by an electromagnetic feeder uniform feeding, feeding methods for the automatic control, feed and water while giving into the rod mill, feeder mounted on the bottom of the silo, with a uniform quantitative the feed hopper and preventing clogging effect.

3, grinding: the wet grinding rod mill, rod mill is loaded in the rod mill shell length substantially equal length of steel bars, steel bars according to product size ratio is 0.2mm ~ 0.45mm configuration, rod mill grinding operations due to line contact, can effectively control over crushed to maximize the output of qualified products.

4, the screening: rod mill discharge directly into the drum sieve, sieve drum screening segment configuration, inner protective skeleton, skeleton wrapped in mesh, qualified to enter the feed particle size pool, from a plastic pumped to Shaker sorting, a few large particles by the head sent to the rod mill artificial regrinding.

5, the re-election: chrome ore beneficiation using 6S shaker re-election, in the presence of water, the bed shaker oscillating gravity gradient field, according to the material differences in the proportion of impurities excluded from the angle of the belt pinch output qualified chrome ore.

6, chromium ore drying: the use of rotary drum dryer, the heat from the feed end of the entry, downstream operations, heat dissipation after the discharge, the feed section with inner screw propeller wet material, the middle of a lifting plate to prevent compaction. Random with a sealing device access to materials, such as coal-fired simply feed end masonry brick oven can. Rotary drum dryer for the continuous operation of equipment, the best continuous production, to avoid repeated warm-up caused by heat loss.

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