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Screening crushing attachments,Mobile crushing and screening plant Turkey, Screener Crusher Bucket For Sale

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What is a Screener Crusher Bucket?

Screener Crusher Bucket is a hydraulically operated attachment for earthmoving equipment. It can be mounted e.g. on excavators, wheel-, backhoe- or skid steer loaders. By attaching the Screener Crusher Bucket to your already existing base machine, you actually convert your loader into a efficient primary screening, crushing or mixing unit, which results in radically reduced investment costs for specialized machinery on the job sites. The Screener Crusher Bucket is also one of the most mobile machines that the market has to offer.

Screening crushing attachments

Screening crushing attachments

The Screener Crusher Bucket is driven with chain drive transmission to the drums and the power of the unit depends on the model varying from 30 kW up to 120 kW. The most effective Screener Crusher Buckets have up to four horizontally rotating drums, which are equipped with changeable hammers. There are different types of hammers for different materials. The weight of the material forces the material onto the drums which, while rotating, crushes big softer particles and screens out stones, metals or any other hard pieces. The mechanism is simple and very ridged and requires small service attention.

Screener Crusher Bucket Application

The Screener Crusher Bucket is a very versatile processing attachment. With it you can: screen, crush, pulverize, blend, mix, aerate, carry, feed and load different kinds of materials. All of these works are done in a one step operation. A Screener Crusher Bucket can process e.g. normal topsoil, waste soil, lightweight concrete, clay, sand, light demolition waste, grinded asphalt, glass, sludge, bio waste, contaminated soil, compost, peat, bark, coal and many other materials. The way the best Screener Crusher Buckets are constructed makes it possible to process even wet and sticky materials.

It is easy to realize that being able to do so many different kinds of works in one step, with one single machine, it results in time and cost savings. The productivity of the Screener Crusher Bucket is so high that it in several applications replaces conventional large screening and crushing equipment or blenders. But the most important thing is that it is commonly used where no other machine can perform the job.

There are today already hundreds of different applications worldwide where the Screener Crusher Bucket is used and more and more applications are found every day, thanks to the imagination of the advanced Screener Crusher Customers.All kinds of work in the landfills and composting areas are an important application for the Screener Crusher Bucket. It crushes bio waste, mixes in bulking agents into the compost or contaminated soils to be cleaned, it aerates the compost in order to speed up the composting process and screens the ready compost. It’s also possible to mix e.g. peat or sand with compost when loading the ready compost for transport to the final destination. And this is not only for bio waste. The Screener Crusher Bucket does all of the described things above when the material is sludge, household waste or similar. The process is the same, only the material is different.

The Screener Crusher Bucket is not a stone crusher, but it crushes softer materials performing an excellent crushing result. It grinds materials like demolition waste, bricks, light construction concrete, granulated asphalt, glass, waste bark for heating plants, chalk stone, lime stone, soft stones in general, porcelain just to mention a few. One important thing in some crushing applications is that metallic parts do not damage the bucket.

In screening applications, all screening jobs which do not require 100 % less than 20 mm fragment size of the final product is a direct application for the bucket. One of the most important advantages when doing screening with the Screener Crusher Bucket is that it’s able to screen with high capacity even when the material is soaking wet.
All mixing & blending of different soils or other materials together can easily be preformed with the bucket. As examples are stabilization of sticky clay soil or wet peat in a swamp with i.e. chalk in order to make the load capacity of the soil higher. Soil remediation and filling of trenches at pipeline construction sites are one of the most rapid growing tasks for the Screener Crusher Buckets.

One increasing application for the Screener Crusher Bucket is also to use it as a pre screener, crusher and feeder to a stationary screening plant when screening fine fragment sizes. When doing it this way it’s possible to take out the big particles before entering the screening plant (reducing wear and tear), crush big dirt lumps before entering (reducing the amount of over size which in normal case would never enter the mobile screen) and pulverize the material when working in wet conditions. In such way it’s possible to reach even 40 percent higher production capacity and continue the season in spring and autumn.

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

In order to recommend you the most suitable plant, you are kindly requested to tell us the below information:

1 what kind of stone do you want to crush?
2 what is the material size before crushing?
3 what is the final product size do you want?
4 what is the capacity you want tons per hour?
5 what will you do with the final products?