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Roller mill for cement plant,Vertical roller mill for cement industry in Iran

In the production of the cement plant or cement industry, the grinding energy is the largest. The traditional ball mill, energy efficiency is very low, with the continuous development of grinding technology, the application of the roller mill has become the development trend in the cement plant.

Roller Mill Working principle and characteristics

Roller mill working principle on a clear distinction, it is the material with the relative motion of roller and disc milling device to grinding machinery. When the material in a roller mill operation area of the device, large pieces of material to be crushed fine material compression to form a layer of material bed, the mutual friction between the particles, the shear edges and edge spalling was crushed, so it belongs to The material bed grinding. While grinding through the air ring into the hot gas for drying the moisture-containing materials in the mill. It belongs to the air swept mill, the gas will rise at a certain speed has been crushed material to the upper part of the meal separator, the separator role, the qualified products with the air outside the mill, to be separated coarse particles back the disc on the grinding, the material particles in this reciprocating motion, per minute up to 20 to 30 times, therefore, the roller mill grinding efficiency is relatively high. Without the roller crushing or material has not been crushed into small particles, disc knocking the wind mill shell ring at up to more than 60 ~ 70m / s speed through this part of the hot gas of the air ring material blown back to the disc and then grinding. In this way, the material is repeated grinding dried until it reaches the product fineness requirements, grinding mill outside the powder separator and collected by setting out with the gas.

Roller mill for cement plant

Roller mill for cement plant

Roller Mill Technical performance

(1) LM-series vertical roller mill

(2) Disc diameter: 2500mm

(3) roller diameter: 2000mm

(4) disc speed: 37r/min

(5) the number of grinding rollers: 2

(6) a roller milling: 150t

(7) The mill is equipped with power: 710 ~ 800kw

(8) mill output: 75 ~ 80t / h

Conditions: grinding of hard materials, into the grinding particle size ≤ 25mm, degrees R80 at = 12 to 14%.

(9) into the mill hot air temperature: 350 ℃

(10) out of grinding materials Moisture: 0.5%

(11) out of the mill gas temperature: 90 ℃

Roller Mill main components introduced

1 Separator

Has in the roller mill the upper part of the Rotary Classifier, speed can be adjusted, for separate re-grinding. The separator rotor, shell, and transmission and other parts.

2 Grinding Disc

Grinding disc is one of the roller mill grinding parts, the material is qualified fineness of grinding into products to be completed in it. It is a vertical shaft reducer machine connected by two large-diameter cylindrical pin and a few large diameter bolts. It is mainly from the disk hub, grinding disc linings, air ring, backgauge circle part of the scraper device, single-acting cylinder.

3 Grinding Roll

Materials smash through the pressure of the grinding rollers, the main part of the roller, rollers, wheels, bearings, lubrication, sealing structure, the roller wear-resistant materials and manufacturing, the lining of its life and wear ratethe same will directly affect the operation rate of the roller mill, grinding efficiency and operating costs.

4 rocker arm device

The rocker device grinding roller pressurized part of the passing moment, it includes a rocker arm, spindle, slide bearings and expansion sets. Rocker at the top and rollers connected to the lower part through the expansion sets, mandrels, expansion sets supported on two plain bearings. To move out of the rocker arm rod cylinder extension bar connections.

5 Hydraulic pressure system

The pressure device is the source for roll grinding pressure. Mainly two sets of compression devices (each including a hydraulic cylinder, two accumulators, and extension rods, cylinder base and buffer device), composed of hydraulic station and each grinding roller.

Roller mill for cement plant Project Case in Iran

Roller mill for cement plant in Iran: Two LM 4250 Sabzevar Cement Company’s the of Sabzevar plant and the Tehran Cement Company in Khorasan province of Gilan Sabz Cement Company, cement mill, each equipped with an LM 4500 B raw mill equipment has been shipped to. Located near the Caspian Sea, Gilan province of Gilan Sabz Cement production line grinding equipment installation will be a few months later. This project is a supplementary order of the Tehran Cement Corporation.

Roller mill production system for negative pressure operation, the device with fewer links, in particular to reduce the delivery of part of the powder material and the resulting dust points, effectively reducing the environmental pollution caused by dust.Roller mill with different ways of milling grinding noise was significantly lower than milling independently to improve the workshop noise interference.So the vertical roller mill for cement plant or cement industry.

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

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