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Quartz stone powder processing machinery,Grinding mill for quartz stone powder,Quartz stone powder machinery manufacturing companies

Quartz stone powder (quartz sand), also known as microsilica. Quartz sand is a hard, wear-resistant, stable chemical properties of silicate minerals, and its main mineral component of SiO2, quartz sand color is milky white, or colorless translucent like hardness is brittle without cleavage, shell like fracture, oil sheen, density of 2.65, the packing density (20-200 mesh, 1.5), its chemical, thermal and mechanical properties have obvious anisotropy, do not dissolve in acid, slightly soluble in KOH solution, the melting point of 1650 ℃. Quartz mining After processing, the general fineness of 120 mesh (less than 120 mesh), known as quartz sand. Over 120 of the desired product as quartz stone powder.

Quartz stone powder production process

Quartz stone powder divided into two modes of production of dry and water law, a variety of conventional specifications: 120M, 200m, 260M, 325M, 600M, 800M, 1000M and 2000M (M for the mesh). In addition, Customers can also request processing special sizes required particle size distribution is generally also can be processed.

1.Production of dry quartz stone powder, quartz stone powder machinery include stone crusher, grinding mill, vibrating screen. The process for the quartz quarry material knock stone processed into a smaller stone, and then through the shredder processing sand stone, and then after a shaker screening, magnet bars and rows of magnets in addition to the iron in the screening process, and then packing finished storage.
2.Water production of quartz stone powder, equipment stone mill, barn, vibrating screen, and waterway system.
The process is as follows: quartz quarry material into a smaller stone crusher processing, stone after stone grinding roller compacted into the sand, roller compacted kept adding water, water with sand into the sedimentation tanks, and then the sedimentation tanksbaked into the dry sand of sand transported into the barn, and then through the shaker screening in the screening process, the use of magnet rods and rows of magnets in addition to iron, and then packing the finished storage.

Quartz stone powder grinding machinery materials are crushed to the required particle size by the hoist materials sent to the storage hopper, and then by the vibrating feeder will feed into the role of Raymond mill host indoors due to the centrifugal force when rotating uniform continuous roller grinding out swinging, pressed on the grinding ring, the shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, crushed grinding roller rolling to achieve the purpose. Materials after grinding the powder with the blower circulating air into the analyzer for sorting, fine through coarse material falls back to re-grinding, qualified powder with the air flow into the finished product cyclone powder collector, through a powder discharge pipe.

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

In order to recommend you the most suitable plant, you are kindly requested to tell us the below information:

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