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Quarry crusher Selection and Design

Crushing line preliminary design process

Loaded into the production line of the original stone brought in by the mining areas feed silo, first by the fixed bar screen pre-screen, and then by heavy apron feeder to the primary crusher jaw crusher PE600 × 900 type. 2 sets crusher PE500 × 750 broken stone directly into the primary crusher, re-entering 2YK1548 vibrating screen to check screening, sieve chunk of material transported to the crusher PEX250 × 1200 return crushing back to the screening entrance and form a closed circuit; the check screening sieve material fall directly under the 3YK1548 type circular vibrating screen products screening, the sieve first layer of ballast finished by belt conveyor sent directly to the site, on an elevated reversible belt, along the site unloading ballast, with loader loading Sinotrans; second and third layer were the byproduct of gravel, melons, rice stone, respectively, sent by belt conveyor to the yard; undersize material as debris, also yard sent by the belt conveyor. Increase in breaking amount, an additional return of crusher can meet a crushing line annual production capacity of 150,000 m3 of ballast.

Crushing lines with equipment: heavy apron feeder units, primary crusher of jaw crusher PE600 × 900 type 1 units, 2 units of the broken crusher PE500 × 750, the return of crushing PEX250 × 1200 jaw crusher, checkscreening 2YK 1548 circular vibrating screen products screening 3YK 1548 circular vibrating screen.

Quarry crusher Selection and Design

Quarry crusher Selection and Design

Crushing line construction design process optimization

Construction design process, after further analysis, comparison and demonstration in the production capacity to meet a crushing line with an annual output of 150,000 m3 of ballast under the premise of the crushing lines were adjusted as follows: original stone shipped by the mining areas by feedchute into the primary crusher PE600 × 900 crusher stone after the primary crusher by belt conveyor sent to storage silos, storage silos from the main storage, regulation and uniform continuous feed. Silos within the stone into 2 PEX250 × 1200 crusher broken by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, re-entering the YK 1545 circular vibrating screen to check screening sieve on large pieces of material sent to a PEX250 × 1200 type crushing the machine crushing withdrawn from circulation, and back to the to the sieve entrance to form a closed-loop process; remaining processes with the preliminary design.

The crushing lines are equipped with the equipment: primary crusher crusher PE600 × 900 type, storage silos 1 units GZ 6-type electromagnetic vibrating feeder to feed the broken PEX 250 × 1200 crusher units, withdrawn from circulation crushing using PEX 250 × 1200-type crusher units, check screening YK 1545 circular Vibrating Screen, product screening using 3YK 1548 circular vibrating screen.

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

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