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Procedure commissioning of the cement rotary kiln in details

Procedure commissioning of the cement rotary kiln in details is a series of process, that is, to take a series of measures and approaches cement rotary kiln equipment as required by the base or the foot fixed to the foundation or a certain position, and then adjust the test runto achieve the desired usage requirements.From the composition and working principle of the equipment of the cement rotary kiln, cement rotary kiln equipment installation commonly used in construction work equipment, detection tools, equipment, and installation and commissioning of the key points and general process as scientific equipment installation construction, standardizationmanagement play an important effect.

Cement rotary kiln equipment composition and working principle

Rotary cement kiln, also known as rotary kiln is rotary calcining kiln, mainly used for bulk or pasty materials heat treatment thermal equipment, Production line equipment, known as artificial hearts said. The classification of cement rotary kiln more different points can be divided into several categories (such as: production points, hot-swap device points, the clinker cooling method, etc.), mainly by the burner, kiln hood , cylinder, round belt, the support means of the ring gear, the drive means, the smoke chamber, the feeding chamber, etc.

Cement rotary kiln larger dimensions up to 6 meters in diameter, about 200 meters, and weighs nearly 1000 tons, the main by-rolled steel Simplified, within puzzle refractory, tilt angle, by the number of road wheels with installationoccasional round of slow rotation of the gear drive calcination equipment, kiln shell is heated rotating components made using high-quality sedation steel plate welded, Simplified support through the round with 2 to 7-speed sliding or rolling bearingsthe speed of rotation on the support means, and wherein a stopper or a stopper supporting means has a mechanical or hydraulic gear wheel traverse in order to control the axial direction of the tubular body, drive means on demand through the ring in the middle of the English make Simplified, due to the installation and the need for maintenance, the larger kiln with the cylinder to the low-speed rotation of the auxiliary transmission means; prevent cold air and flue dust overflow cylinder, at the feed end of the tubular body (tail)and the discharge end (head) with reliable kiln inlet and kiln head sealing device. Simplified set temperature measurement and sampling hole device, kiln head hood has a load cell the larger kiln need to set the infrared thermometer temperature measurement in the monitoring of the cylinder.

The working principle of the cement rotary kiln from the kiln raw material powder was added rotary kiln, kiln Simplified level was at an angle to be installed in the supporting wheel (tail high, low head), Simplified rotation gear driven raw materialin Simplified circumferentially along an axis to roll at the same time, is moved to the kiln by the kiln; fuel burners or pulverized coal jet is lit kiln in the kiln, the formation of flames or hot gas flow to the kiln inlet,so that in the process of moving along the periphery of the raw material powder to roll along the axis to move to the kiln by the kiln calcined by heating the raw material powder in the physical and chemical reactions occur in the heating and calcination process, the final mature calcined material by kilnhead unloading.

Procedure commissioning of the cement rotary kiln in details

Procedure commissioning of the cement rotary kiln in details


The installation of the rotary kiln: lifting and transport, installation fitter process, the riveter process, welding process, pipeline technology and masonry process related to the specific installation steps are as follows;
1.Construction preparation
2.Lifting alignment
4.Masonry refractory

Procedures commissioning

The end of the cement rotary kiln equipment installation, first check the equipment of the technical indicators are to meet the requirements certificated by the relevant departments before commissioning and commissioning.Cement rotary kiln and ancillary facilities to conduct a comprehensive inspection before commissioning:

(1) to ensure that all fasteners securely, to clean up the kiln kiln, the basis of all the debris up and down, especially between the gears between the tire and the tug;

(2) Check the lubrication cold hydraulic system for leaks, valves, flexible and reliable filling the oil in place, oil pressure, oil temperature, flow in line with the design requirements;

(3) Check all gauges, indicators, and motor rotation direction, and comply with the relevant drawings and regulations;

(4) Check the transmission, without the impact of abnormal noise, vibration, normal, smooth gear meshing,

(5) Check the tire tug maintain normal contact, the contact length of not less than 70%, the kiln shell, under a rocky ledge should be smooth;

(6) Check the entire device loosening, the sealing device and the local friction phenomenon.

Such as equipment of the technical indicators have reached the requirements for debugging, debugging when the main motor for debugging, click on the main motor, check and adjust the main motor’s direction of rotation from the motor parameters conform to design or code requirements start the main motor, a separate test run for 2 hours, then main gear driven by the main motor to run four hours, open at the same time cooling and lubrication systems, driven by the main motor drive system driven rotary kiln operation for 8 hours, make sure each device is working properly There was no problem.

Procedure commissioning of the cement rotary kiln in details

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