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Pics of Vertical Grinding Mill, Vertical Grinding Mill Image, Photo of Vertical Mill

Vertical grinding mill is based on the extensive use of advanced technology, combined with years of mill raw vertical grinding mill production experience, design and development of advanced grinding equipment. Is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, grading the ideal equipment transported in one of the milling industry. It can be widely used in cement, power, metallurgy, chemicals, non-metallic minerals industry. For massive, granular and powdery raw material is ground into a powdery material.

Pics of Vertical Grinding Mill

Pics of Vertical Grinding Mill

Pics of Vertical Grinding Mill

Vertical grinding mill performance characteristics

1.Low operation cost:

  • High grinding efficiency, vertical mill grinding roller compacted material bed grinding materials, low energy consumption, the milling system power consumption reduced by 40-50% than the milling system, and with the increased humidity of raw materials, energy-saving effect.significantly.
  • Metal loss, linings and grinding roller with a special material, long life, reduced running costs, high utilization;
  • Equipped with an external circulating means, the power consumption can be further reduced;
  • Into the grinding material size, up to about 5% of the diameter of the grinding rollers, generally 40 to 100 mm, so that the large and medium-sized vertical mill can dispense two crushed

2.Low construction costs

  • The process is simple, vertical mill and milling system compared to the area can be reduced by about 50%, a decrease of approximately 70% of the construction costs, construction area is small, taking up less space.
  • Vertical mill set of crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveyor in one, the system is simple, compact layout. Open layout, making the construction cost.

3.Easy and reliable operation

  • Equipped with an automatic control device, remote control, simple operation
  • A device to prevent direct contact between the roller sleeve and disc liner to avoid fragmentation rattling.

4.Drying ability, vertical mill gas transportation of materials, inlet air temperature can be controlled milling moisture materials, so that the products reach the final moisture, water and dried in a vertical mill up to 12 to 15%the material, even if it is dried milled, only drying the moisture content of 3 to 4% of the material.

5.Product quality is stable, uniform particle size distribution. Short residence time of the material in the mill, easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, stable product quality.

6.Easy maintenance, overhaul cylinder, turn rotating arm, roller sleeve, the liner can be replaced in a very short period of time.
7.Environmental protection, energy saving; small vibration, low noise, less dust, clean operating environment, adapt to the requirements of environmental protection.

Vertical grinding mill for sale

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

In order to recommend you the most suitable plant, you are kindly requested to tell us the below information:

1 what kind of stone do you want to crush?
2 what is the material size before crushing?
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