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Mobile crusher used in mobile plant gold concentrator flotation cell

Gold concentrate resources are rare, the dressing is not easy. Have discovered gold in the world’s mineral and gold minerals 98, of which only 47 kinds of common minerals to industry directly use only over 10 kinds.Beneficiation of gold re-election and flotation, with the advances in mineral processing technology, mineral processing equipment has also been continuous improvement.

Beneficiation of gold concentrates three beneficiation methods: flotation technological process, magnetic separation process and the re-election technological process, the most widely used of the flotation process, magnetic separation is used in ferrous metals and precious metals beneficiation, the re-election lawwidely used in the black, colored rare metals and coal beneficiation.

Mainstream for gold extraction, gold ore after the beneficiation process and processing of mineral processing equipment, generally through the crusher crushing, and then into the ball mill grinding, re-election, flotation, concentrate and tailings extracted by chemical methodFinally, after smelting, its products eventually become the finished gold.

The flotation process is the most widely used as a dressing method with gold production. Differences in physical and chemical properties of mineral surfaces to choose a method of sub-ore.

1:A flotation process history and development of ancient Chinese have used natural mineral surface hydrophobicity to purify the mineral cinnabar, talc and other drugs, mineral powder floating on the water without the waste rock particles sink. In the panning of placer gold, stick with a feather dipped in oil catch lipophilicity, gold, silver and fine-grained, then called the goose scraping gold. Ming Song Star “Heavenly Creations thing,” it reads, gold and silver workshops, recycling of waste containers and dust of gold, silver powder drops of edible vegetable oil a few points, with the fall gather at the end. This is the flotation process to choose the initial application of the gold. 18th century, people have to know the solid particles adhere to the bubbles on the surface of the water can rise to the phenomenon. With the increase in metal demand, eager to find a way to recycle ore fine metal. In the 19th century, with the further understanding of mineral surface properties, the film flotation process and oil flotation process. The early 20th century, application of foam flotation process sorting non-ferrous metals and gold mine. 1922 cyanide inhibition of sphalerite and pyrite, the development of the flotation method. The occurrence and development of the flotation method also promote the development of the mining of gold choose, create the conditions for use and recovery of gold in non-ferrous metal ore vein gold. At present, the flotation process has become an important process for processing gold ore production of gold. Many of our lode gold mine concentrator is the flotation process-based or a single flotation process equipment. Gold flotation plant recovery rate of 90% or more and can be integrated recycling-based low-grade gold metal. Less than 10um fine particles of gold is difficult to re-election method recovered.

Flotation can choose to close the fine-grained differences in physical and chemical properties of mineral surfaces, and even micro-fine minerals. The ultra-fine particles flotation or charge carrier flotation and ion flotation recovery of micro-fine gold.

2: Flotation and even the principle mineral particles surface with hydrophobic or flotation agent role or enhanced hydrophobicity. Hydrophobicity is pro-oil and pro-gas, liquid, gas or water – oil interface aggregation. After a series of treatments with gold grain density was able to with bubbles and flotation agents affinity while floating on the ore fluid surface of the flotation machine, foam products recycling. This is a way to gold flotation. It is suitable for sorting 0.5mm to 10um of gold particles. When selected mineral particles less than l0um special flotation process. Useful flocculants to make fine gold or gold-bearing mineral flocculation into larger particles, prolapse of the gangue of fine mud and then float to coarse-grained gangue, flocculation – flotation. The Dutch carrier flotation flotation of mineral particles with particle size suitable for the load carrier, so that the adhesion of micro-fine gold in the surface of the charge carrier and with the float is made of gold concentrates. Reunion of fine ore particles with oil so that oil agglomeration flotation flotation and emulsion flotation. The use of high-temperature chemical reaction of metallic minerals in the ore into the metal after the flotation segregation flotation gold ore seldom used. On the use of foam flotation process recovery of gold mud, China will be used in industrial fields.

The beneficiation process and processing equipment, including the following three basic process:

1: Ore points before the election preparation operations.
Including ore crushing (do not need to some placer concentrator can be crushing), screening, grinding, grading processes. The purpose of this process is useful minerals and gangue minerals (waste rock) monomer dissociation, a variety of useful minerals between monomer dissociation, a variety of useful minerals between monomer dissociation, in addition to the next step in the beneficiation separation of mineral particles to create a suitable characteristic.
2: Sorting operations.
By means of flotation, magnetic separation, re-election, electrostatic separation and beneficiation of useful minerals with the gangue separation, and the use of fossil separated from each other to get the final dressing products (concentrates, tailings, and sometimes also the output of ore).
Some mineral processing equipment plant according to the nature of the ore and the need for sorting, washing sorting job with pre-selected to throw the waste (ie, coarse granularity preclude part of the waste rock) as well as physical, chemical pretreatment operations,magnetic roasting technological process, such as hematite, copper oxide segregation roasting technological process.

Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) mineral processing equipment to provide you with a full range of gold processing equipment, complete sets of gold flotation leaching off the matte process, the gold processing equipment, the yellow ore beneficiation equipment, gold ore dressing equipment manufacturers.This device configuration crushing — grinding — flotation — concentrated — off matte — leaching — adsorption – gold concentrates.

Improve mineral grade and recovery of 95%, the processing of 30-2000 tons of mineral processing equipment production line and technology with advanced mixed gold extraction method, the calcination of limonite, pyrite mineral processing, environmental protection limonite desilication equipment, provide you with the professional training of technical operations staff, purchase of machinery and equipment model specification program, to provide iron ore project design, choice of a range of technical process design of limonite.

Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) mobile concentrator equipment(mobile crusher) needed for a wide range of performance of beneficiation, and elegant materials.Has successfully developed a number of unit volume processing capacity, light weight, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption devices, such as mobile cone crusher, mill, shaker, also successfully developed and the use of the tilt plate concentrator, curvedscreen and ease of shifting sand pump.In order to develop the use of small and rich mineral resources, industrial testing ground for new mines to provide portable concentrator with its construction period is short, easy to move a number of advantages, the pattern of world mining occupies the position can not be ignored.
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