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Semi-mobile metal ore crusher for sale Sri Lanka,Mobile metal ore crushing plant in Sri Lanka

Semi-mobile metal ore crusher is mainly used for urban construction waste disposal and gravel operations of small companies, Mobile metal ore crusher – Mobile Crusher.

Mobile metal ore crusher main features

1: Integration of sets of units
Station integration of the new mobile metal crusher unit equipment installation form, eliminating the separate components of the complex site infrastructure installation, reducing the materials and man-hours consumed. Unit is reasonably compact space layout, and enhance the flexibility of the venue stationed.
2: Maneuverability
The mobile metal crusher station of YG938E69 primary crushing car sites, car body width less than the operator semi-trailer, small turning radius, ease of ordinary road driving easier broken rugged field area of poor road environment. Fast stationed on site to save time. More conducive to the presence of construction reasonable region as a whole crushing process to provide more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.
3: Reduce material handling costs
YG938E69 primary crushing mobile metal crusher station, the first line of the site of materials broken, eliminating the material is removed from the site and then broken intermediate links, greatly reducing the cost of shipping materials. Other extended units more directly the broken material into the transporter carriages bucket, turn away from the scene.

Semi-mobile metal ore crusher for sale Sri Lanka

Semi-mobile metal ore crusher for sale Sri Lanka

4: Direct and effective job role
Integrated series of cone machine mobile metal crusher station, can be used independently, can also target customers in the process of material type, product requirements, provide a more flexible process configuration to meet user mobile crusher, mobile screening and other requirements, so thatto generate an organization, a more direct and effective logistics and transshipment costs to maximize the lower.
5: Adaptable and flexible configuration
YG938E69 primary crushing mobile metal crusher station, crushing, grinding and sieving system, stand-alone group to work independently, and can also be flexible to form the joint operations of the system configuration unit. Side Discharge hopper for screening materials transportation methods provide a variety of configuration flexibility, the joint supply of the integrated unit configuration of the diesel generators supply to the unit, but also can be targeted to the process system configuration unit.
6: Reliable performance and easy maintenance
YG938E69 primary crushing mobile metal crusher station configuration C Series jaw crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent broken product quality, compact and reasonable structure design, excellent crushing performance. Stable and reliable quality assurance for the majority of Chinese and foreign new and old customers to establish a good reputation for quality, not only the maturity of the technology, operation and maintenance is simple and has good adaptability, safety and reliability of the volume of traffic, the particle size and abrasive, integration of the unit to configure the installation and maintenance convenient and reasonable. So that the configuration of the unit has a high durability and a higher work limitation.

  • PE Series high-performance crusher
  • Feeder crushers integration and vibration sieve
  • Screen under the belt conveyor, vibrating screen, crusher integration install car
  • Steering traction axis, to facilitate road transport and venues in depth
  • Car installation support, equipment, venue stationed efficient and convenient
  • Vehicle-mounted motor and control box integration

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