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Mobile coal processing plant,Mobile crushing plant used in the coal crushing plant

The crushing of the coal ore is an important process in the open pit production operations, Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) tires mobile crushing plant and the hydraulic drive track-type mobile crushing plant, introduced specifically for the open pit of the unique operating environment, timely follow-up miningcoal face forward, lower transportation costs, greatly improve the efficiency of the open pit production. Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) mobile crushing plant installation support vehicle, equipped with a mobile crushing plant dedicated steering traction axis, and the integration of the feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen.

Rough crushing, fine crushing, high-performance crushing machine. Installed in the vehicle-mounted generator sets, motors and control box can be different models of joint, to form a powerful shredder line to complete the multi-processing operations needs. Its advanced design, excellent performance, high efficiency, easy maintenance, operating cost, stable and reliable, relative to the various types of stationary crushing plant mobile crushing plant can be moved like a small and medium-sized crushing factory of work efficiency and operating costs are superior to the same level or higher level of fixed crusher station.

Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) mobile crushing plant design concepts aim is the position of a customer, to eliminate the fragmentation site, the environment, the complex basic configuration and the complex logistics to bring customers broken barriers to job, as a primary solution. The spirit of the material close to deal with “the principle of a new concept. So it is really to provide customers with simple, efficient, cost-effective operation of the project hardware facilities.Requirements depending on the crushing process composed of crushed after screening “process, crushing station in accordance with the actual needs of portfolio-crushing, crushing the two screening systems can also be combined into a crude and fine screening system, with highflexibility.

Wheeled mobile crushing standing on the successful use of the open pit has dramatically changed the traditional open pit crushing operation mode of operation, has played an important role for coal mine overall processing efficiency to improve. The new mobile crushing plant jaw crusher, cone crusher and sand making machine, vibrating screen, integrated combination of systematic processing to achieve the coal crushing, finishing significantly improve production efficiency.

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