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Mineral Processing Plants In Myanmar, Crusher and High Pressure Roller Mill For Mineral Processing In Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has large mineral resources of precious and semiprecious stones, such as jade,ruby, and sapphire. Myanmar also has considerable mineral resources of antimony, barite, coal, copper, gold, iron, lead, monazite, natural gas, nickel, petroleum, silver, tin, tungsten,and zinc. Myanmar’s identified mineral resources of bauxite,bentonite, beryllium, clays, chromium, diamond, feldspar,fluorspar, gypsum, kaolin, manganese, mercury, mica,etc.

Myanmar mineral resource overview:

Myanmar has vast mineral resources which has been proven a major mineral deposits of copper, lead, zinc, silver, gold, iron, nickel, gems, jade and other part of the large area has been mined, as we all know the copper products in Myanmar has a high quality which has entered the international market. Therefore, the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources plays an important role in the economic development of Myanmar. The Myanmar government pays more attention to the mineral processing industry.

Mineral Processing Plants In Myanmar

Mineral Processing Plants In Myanmar

Mineral processing plants used the mobile cone crusher:

In order to meet the Myanmar mineral processing technology demand, Liming heavy industry is specialized in the manufacture of construction equipment, mobile cone crushing plant, building material production equipment, mine mills and sand making machines, with output and sales volume and various integral indexes ranking the top in the industry. Our company is the first enterprise that has passed the authentication of International ISO9001 Quality Management System. Products of our company were praised as Quality Products by China Association for Quality Inspection. Our company has thousands of fixed clients at home and some products are sold to over 100 countries and regions, such as Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Burma and Taiwan area.

Of course, we not only supply the high quality mobile cone crusher, but also we provide the whole production line for the Mineral processing plants.
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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

In order to recommend you the most suitable plant, you are kindly requested to tell us the below information:

1 what kind of stone do you want to crush?
2 what is the material size before crushing?
3 what is the final product size do you want?
4 what is the capacity you want tons per hour?
5 what will you do with the final products?