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Marcy ball mill, Manufacturer marcy ball mill, Marcy ball mill price for sale

Ore is delivered to the mill by trucks and sent directly to the primary crusher. The ore is crushed in a primary jaw crusher and transported by conveyor to the secondary and tertiary crushing circuit. The crushing circuit product contains material approximately 96% passing 9.53 mm (3/8 inches). This material is conveyed via belt feeders to the 2.59-m by 3.67-m (8 ft ½ inches in diameter by 12.0 ft in length) 300HP Marcy ball mill. The ball mill, with 40% of mill filling and 70% of its critical speed, is fitted with steel liners. It uses steel balls in a ratio of 70% of 76.2 mm (3 inches) and 30% of 50.8 mm (2 inches) as grinding media. The pulp density in the ball mill is maintained at 76% solids, and lime and cyanide are added to the mill feed. Lime addition increases the circuit pH to reduce volatilization of cyanide and to increase the settling of material in the thickener downstream. Cyanide is used to leach silver/gold bearing particles throughout the circuit.

The Companies purchased a fully refurbished Marcy Ball Mill in late 2008 to act as a limestone mill. The mill is powered by reconditioned 75HP electrical motor that was given new rubber linings prior to installation.

Marcy ball mill

Marcy ball mill

12 x 14 ft Marcy Ball Mill with 1500 HP

– Two complete mills available
– One mostly complete
– Additional spare heads and components available


– Grate Discharge – Type R.H.
– Gear – SIngle Helical R.H. 256T, 1.25 D.P., 21″ face
– Pinion – Single Helical L.H. 18T, 1.25 D.P., 21″ face
– Air Clutch – Fawick 38 VC 1200
– 290,800 Lbs mill only
– 191,500 Lbs Grinding Charge


– 1500 HP G.E. Synchronous, 240 RPM
– 4000 V, 3 PH, 60 HZ
– Type TS
– 30 poles
– Arm Amp 214
– Field Volt 250
– Field Amp 75
– PF 8
– Insul Class B
– Temp Rise C = 70 @ 4500′ Alt
– Air Gap 150

During September and October of 1913, F.E. Marcy undertook tests at the Butte and Superior Plant in Butte, Montana, to compare cylindrical and conical mills on a laboratory scale. The results convinced Marcy that cylindrical mills were the future of mining and propelled his company and the Marcy ball mills into an increasingly competitive market for mineral grinding equipment. Marcy saw that all overflow discharge mills tended to overgrind their mineral content, leading to unnecessary sliming. He worked to improve size reduction through better hydraulic classification circuits and became known for the specialized discharge grates his company pioneered.

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