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Metel crusher jaw plate from china

Jaw plate of jaw crusher, jaw plate is divided into the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate of jaw crusher wear parts. Jaw crusher run state, the movable jaw attached to the movable jaw plate, re-tilting movement, and form an angle with the fixed jaw plate to squeeze the stone. Therefore, the jaw plates are relatively easily damaged parts of the jaw crusher.

Crusher jaw plates role

The jaw plate is the jaw crusher wear parts: the moving jaw, static jaw, according to the different models of jaw crusher, a variety of model sizes, the jaw using the new high-manganese steel, ultra-high-manganese steel,super high manganese steel and other materials, for all kinds of jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher is of a working chamber by moving jaw and fixed jaw, the movable jaw and the fixed jaw to withstand the tremendous crushing force and friction materials, easily worn in order to protect the jaw plate, generally moving jaw and fixed jawsurface mount the wear of the liner, this liner, also known as a broken plate. Broken the surface of the plate is usually made of the tooth, broken tooth peaks, board angle of 90 ° to 120 °, its size is determined by the nature of the materials being broken and block, crushing the bulk material, the angle to be bigger; crushing small block of material, the angle can be smaller. The size of the pitch depends on the granularity of the product is usually taken approximately equal to the width of the discharge port, than desirable tooth height and pitch of 1/2 ~ 1/3.

The work of the board two parts wear is not the same speed, the lower wear out faster than the upper, broken, broken plates in the jaw crusher, direct contact with the material to withstand the tremendous crushing force and the friction of the material,crushing the life of the board is directly related to the jaw crusher work efficiency and production costs, therefore, extend the life of the jaw crusher broken board is particularly important.Strengthen jaw broken machine broken plate life can be in design, material selection, assembly and use of process improvement.

Jaw plate performance characteristics

1.Selection of manganese steel alloy, wear a high degree of long service life.

2.The use of cold hardening technology, and high hardness.

3.Water Quench, to avoid leaving degrades the performance of phase change in the use of naturally occurring.

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