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how raymond grinder works demo

Raymond Mill work will need to crush the material from the feed hopper of the machine casing on the side of adding machines rely on hanging in the host plum rack roller device turn around the vertical axis, while itself rotation due to centrifugal force when rotatingthe role of the roller swing outward, pressed on the grinding ring, the shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, due to the grinding roller rolling roller compacted crushed materials.

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill winnowing process: material after grinding, fans will be blown White chassis, blowing powder, placed above the grinding chamber of the analyzer for sorting, fine through coarse material falls back into the grinding chamberre-grinding fineness to meet the specifications with the airflow into the cyclone collector, collected powder outlet discharge is finished. Romantic whirlwind collection of the top of the return air duct back into the blower, the wind path is circular, and the flow in the vacuum state, the air volume of the circulating air duct to increase some by fans and host the middle of the exhaust pipe to discharge into the small cyclone collector , for purification.

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