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How do you make paper from stone,Micro powder mill for making stone paper

How do you make paper from stone

Stone paper is the use of the crusher and grinding mill to mkae stone crushing and grinding into powder,Plus 15% of polyethylene and 5% adhesive made of paper.This paper is waterproof sturdy nonflammable, very environmentally friendly.Extract the calcium carbonate in limestone, and grinding the ore into high-calcium 1500-2500 purpose ultra-fine powder, followed by a second step, add 85% of the modified calcium carbonate made on 15% of the additives masterbatch, and finally through crowdedpressure blown film equipment made of paper or bags.

Micro powder mill for making stone paper

Micro powder mill for making stone paper

HGM micro powder mill for making stone paper

HGM micro powder mill is manufacture stone paper processing equipment.After micro powder milling machine, extraction of the calcium carbonate in the limestone, and then through TX130 ultrafine milling machine ore is ground to a high calcium 1500-2500 purpose superfine powder, followed by a second step, the 85% modified carbonatemasterbatch calcium added on 15% of the additives made of paper or bag, and finally made by extrusion blown film equipment.

HGM micro powder mill for stone paper in the new technology, has the following characteristics

  • The investment cost is low. In the equal fineness case, less than the jet mill input, low cost, the recovery period is short
  • The high rate of flour. Under the the equivalent finished product fineness and power consumption, higher than jet mill and agitation mill production more than 45%
  • Safe and reliable operation of the mill cavity. The ultrafine grinding ordinary mill, grinding cavity without rolling bearings, screw bearings and seals vulnerable, so there is no problem, to avoid a screw loose to destroy the machine
  • Finished high fineness. The final fineness disposable d97 ≤ 5μm
  • Environmental pollution. Efficient pulse dust collector, the entire device during operation without dust pollution, configuration muffler and muffler housing, reduce noise, in full accordance with national environmental standards to organize production, played a role in environmental protection

Stone paper grinding mill for sale

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

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