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Gyratory Crusher Technical Data,Cone Crusher Technical Data

Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai) the coarse crushing gyratory crusher complete technical data specifications, to be able to meet a variety of application requirements.Gyratory crusher high output, low power requirements, all crusher wear parts wear interface contours more evenly distributed, and tons operating costs low.Gyratory crusher is suitable for most demanding crushing requirements, fixed and semi-mobile applications, hard rock and ore, ground and underground applications.

Gyratory crusher is suitable for for crushing hard (compressive strength 100MPA above) and moderate hardness (compressive strength of the rock block in about 100MPA). Widely used in mining, gravel field, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing, coal mining and other industries.

Gyratory Crusher Technical Data

Gyratory Crusher Technical Data

Gyratory Crusher Technical Data

Type Cavity (coarse


Outlet adjustment range (mm) Feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t) movable cone diameter (mm)
HPC-160 C 12-20 135 120-240 160 13 950
F 5-20 76 55-180
HPC-220 C 15-38 185 150-430 220 18.5 1160
F 6-25 110 90-260
HPC-315 C 19-45 265 190-610 315 26 1400
F 9-30 150 108-320
HPC-400 C 25-50 320 230-700 400 33 1500

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