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Grinding machine of soap stone powder,Cost of grinding machine of soap stone powder

The soapstone is a silicate mineral, formed by a variety of talc is very soft. It is wear mine the dense and difficult to produce stains. Adsorbents and fillers can be used in the chemical and textile industries. Ball mill is commonly used in soap stone grinding machine.

Ball mill is one of the high-fine grinding machinery widely used in industrial production, There are many types, such as tube mill, cement mill, ultrafine laminated mill, hand mill, horizontal mill, ball mill, energy-savingball mill, overflow ball mill, ceramic ball mill, grid ball mill.

Grinding machine of soap stone powder

Grinding machine of soap stone powder

Ball mill for materials such as lime, gypsum, sand, slag grinding.Only after grinding material to the fineness required to fully mixed interaction in order to make products to meet the strength, grinding is an important process in the production of aerated concrete, power consumption of the grinding process, Ball mill is generallymotor capacity of the largest equipment in the aerated concrete factory.

The ball mill is a horizontal cylinder, and out of the material hollow shaft and the grinding head parts, cylinder length of the cylinder, cylinder equipped with a grinding body, the cylinder is of steel manufacturing, steel liner and cylinder fixed, the grinding mediageneral for the steel ball, according to different diameter and a certain percentage into the tube, the grinding media can also be used to the steel segment.

Be selected according to the granularity of the abrasive soap stone powder materials, soapstone powder material from the mill feed end of hollow shaft load of the cylinder body, when the rotation of the ball mill Simplified, grinding media due to the role of inertia and centrifugal force, friction, so that it posts near the cylinder liner, cylinder away when brought to a certain height, when, being thrown by its own gravity, the whereabouts of the grinding media is the same as the projectile cylinder body soap stone powder materials to hit crushed.

Soapstone material through the feeding device into the compound empty shaft spiral evenly into the mill’s first warehouse, the warehouse there are ladder liner or corrugated liner, built with different specifications steel ball, rotating cylinder produces centrifugal force to the ballafter a certain height of fall, blow soap stone materials and abrasive.Soapstone material in the first position, the coarse grinding into the second position, the single-layer diaphragm plate lined with flat lining in the warehouse, the ball material to further grinding.Powder through the discharge grate plate complete soapstone grinding operations, the final product is a soap stone powder

For the grinding machine of soap stone powder processing, the MTW european trapezium grinding mill is more suitable than the ball mill grinding of soapstone powder, if you want information on more about cost of grinding machine of soap stone powder, you can contact us!

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