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Gold beneficiation use jaw crusher for primary crushing and standard cone crusher for medium crushing

Extremely low gold content in the ore to extract gold ore crushing and grinding and beneficiation methods pre-enrichment or separated from the ore manipulation gold.Gold processing using more re-election and flotation, re-election of placer gold ore processing equipment, alluvial gold beneficiation located crusher prepare production occupies a very important position, the flotation method is the wide use of the rock gold mine beneficiation,currently about 80% of the rock gold mine using this method for gold, placer gold mineral processing equipment, alluvial gold mineral processing equipment and the level of equipment have been greatly improved.

1.Crushing and grinding of placer gold ore processing equipment, alluvial gold mineral processing equipment

Select gold plant to use more jaw crusher for primary crushing, using standard cone crusher broken, crushing the short head cone crusher and roll crusher. Small with gold factory they use two sections of a closed-circuit crushing large election Jinchang three sections of a closed-circuit crushing process.

Alluvial gold beneficiation equipment beneficiation production capacity in order to improve the Sand placer gold beneficiation equipment, mining equipment potential, the transformation of the crushing process, improve the utilization factor of the grinding machine, taken measures to implement the more crushing less grinding to reduce incomemill ore particle size.

2.Placer gold ore processing equipment, placer gold mineral processing equipment re-election

Rock gold mines are more extensive, and more as a secondary process, create favorable conditions for recovery of coarse gold in the grinding circuit, flotation and cyanidation process, improving the beneficiation indicators to improve gold total recovery of re-election, to increase yieldand played an active role in reducing costs.Africa about 10 with gold plant using this process of re-election, the average of the total recovery of roller machine can be increased by 2% to 3%, the economic efficiency of enterprises.

3.Placer gold ore processing equipment, placer gold mineral processing equipment flotation

About 80% of the rock gold mine with gold flotation concentrate more sent to ferrous smelter processing output. Cyanide gold extraction by increasing development and enterprise to improve economic efficiency and reduce the loss of concentrate shipments, a large change in product mix in recent years, to take a more in-situ treatment (of course, because between dressing and smelting of Raymond Mill contradictions and pricing issues, forcing mines to place its own) to promote greater development flotation process occupies a fairly important position in gold production. Usually there are two processes of flotation and bulk flotation. Flotation recovery has improved markedly in recent years have made new progress in terms of process transformation and reagent addition system. Sulphide flotation recoveries of 90%, according to survey results show that the copper ore beneficiation equipment of the country over 40 months with gold plant, the flotation process indicators, a small number of up to 95% to 97%; the oxide ore recovery was about 75%; individual reached 80% to 85%. In recent years, the transformation of flotation process innovation and scientific research are many effective. Stage grinding float process, heavy – Floating the jaw crusher associated together process, the main trends of the development of our flotation process. Such as a gold mine in Hunan using heavy – floating joint process stage grinding stage sorting, to obtain a better index, the recovery rate of more than 6%. Another example Xincheng Gold Mine, the original process ore direct flotation, the mud (ore itself sand making equipment mud, coupled with mining tailings cemented Filling strength enough, into the part of the sediment) to the beneficiation indicators consecutive decline.

Sediment sorting process, the recovery rate from 93.05% to 95.01%, concentrate grade of 135g / t to 140g / t and stable production. Declining ore grade Jinchangyu Gold flotation index decreased, and Experimental Study of Shenyang Gold College in cooperation with branch floating on the roll the Sand election process, improve flotation performance and concentrate grade. Course, flotation and other methods is not a panacea, it is impossible for all of the gold-bearing ore, mainly but also consider the nature of the ore in the selection process when you need to carry out a wide range of demonstration and test.

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