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France Quarry Producing Railway Ballast,Crushing Plant For Railway Ballast Producing

Railway ballast stone is the main raw material of the railway construction, and the railway confined mainly played the role very strict requirements for hardness and grain size of the high-speed railway ballast.Railway gravel ballast are generally drawn, headed to the granite and limestone, because of their high hardness, Shop in the sleepers on the tracks, a large area of uniform load-bearing, so the pressure on the railroad tracks caused smaller, corresponding to the lifetime will increase. Greatly improve the standard of modern high-speed railway, the rational use of various resources and put the new requirements, thus ordinary ballast can not meet the high-speed railway construction, therefore, need to focus not only the selection of materials, should pay more attention the gravel crushing materials machinery and equipment.

The modern railway ballast material level must reach a ballast index requirements: (TB2140-90), railway a ballast quality indicators.: Wear resistance, impact resistance, resistance to crushing capacity, water permeability of atmospheric corrosiondestruction, stability, weak particles. Its specific indicator parameters: (1) Los Angeles abrasion rate (AA%)95 ③ stone abrasion resistance coefficient K dry grinding> 18 ④ standard set of material crushing rate of CA (%)

Both screening of railway ballast, or concrete construction, need crushing equipment to produce high-quality qualified railway stones.Liming Heavy Industry (shanghai), from the initial impact crusher, HPC hydraulic cone crusher to the latest European version jaw crusher, the European version of the deep cavity crusher railway ballast production equipment. Broken machine can be divided into primary crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing, to meet the different needs of the various users, crushing stones are mixed materials, can adjust the size of the intensity of the material body, and there is no fixed out material efforts of size. The hourly output 15-60/50-90/70-130/90-180/120-250/160-350 ton range. The Crusher by counterattack plate, rotor plate hammer, feed the mouth and other parts, materials to enter the warehouse, counter plate on the rotor impact crushing, and then was thrown to continue crushing counterattack device in this process materials from small to large counterattack cavity repeated crushing until it reaches the desired particle size of the discharge port. Adjust the gap between the frame and the rotor counterattack up to change the purpose of material discharging size and material shape.


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