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Ultrafine mill and vertical mill with fly ash grinding techniques

Power plant fly ash dry fly ash handling commonly used separation technique for the thickness of the original gray fine ash separation in order to obtain the finished product, access to certain economic benefits. The use of special ultra-fine grinding of fly ash or ash after sorting the original coarse ash-based ultra-fine grinding of the mixture, so that it has a certain hard water activity, can be formulated to produce high-level blending ultra high performance concrete fine ash, fly ash to achieve full use of the purpose of creating greater economic benefits.

The Liming® ultrafine mill, a dry fine grinding media mill when operated in closed circuit with a high efficiency air classifier is capable of grinding power station fly ash to extremely fine levels.

Ultrafine fly ash has proven very effective as a cement performance enhancer offering improved strength, permeability and corrosion resistance properties.

Ultrafine mill and vertical mill with fly ash grinding techniques

Ultrafine mill and vertical mill with fly ash grinding techniques

Grinding of Fly ash can be broadly divided into two categories.

Fine grinding

In some cases power station fly ashes are not of the required fineness to be used for cement addition. Alternatively the ash may have been air classified removing the available fines.

In either case the Liming® is employed to to grind ash nominally to 45 microns top size. This may be 80 to 95% passing 45 microns.

Ultrafine Grinding

Fly ash ground to ultrafine levels takes on many improved properties over normal ash. Ultrafine fly ash can be defined as d50 = 8 microns or less. With a top size in the range of 30 to as low as 5 microns.

Ultrafine ground fly ash is an effective replacement for silica fume.

Vertical grinding machine for fly ash is the new patented product with the international advanced level, after our expert years of painstaking research and innovative development, according to mill user and proposal, updated design, provide a new, efficient, energy saving and high fine milling equipment for the majority of users internal and abroad.

The vertical roller mill is a perfect large-scale grinding machine and has been widely used in the cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemicals, non-metallic mineral industries. It combines crushing, dying, grinding., grading conveying, has high efficiency and could grind the massive, granular and powdery materials into powdered materials required.

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

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