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Feldspar flotation machine

Feldspar flotation machine mainly includes jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral chute, shaking, with the exception of iron magnetic separator, flotation machine to mica equipment.Feldspar production line selection process needs to be used crusher, crushing machine, ball mill, vibrating screen, classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, shaker and other equipment. Feldspar crushing and fine crushing process to go through in order to enter the ball mill grinding equipment.

Feldspar flotation machine

Feldspar flotation machine

Feldspar beneficiation process equipment as follows

1.crushing: first large stone jaw crusher used for crushing.
2.milling: the broken ball mill grinding stones.
3.wash mud: 20-200 purpose powder material into the spiral chute, sorting separation elect sediment;
4.sorting: will be removed after sorting through the sediment material into the shaker, washing out ferric oxide;
5.Featured: will remove iron oxide magnetic material into the 1024 re-election machine type selection elect iron, mica material, then the material is fed into the 1018 × 2 type common magnetic separator, again sorting; note : Currently, the use of magnetic separator iron in addition to K-feldspar is not suitable for all K-feldspar mine, now flotation process has been widely used.
6.Purification: will undergo re-election and election materials into high-frequency vibrating screen filter, removing material powder in the ferric oxide and iron oxide, potassium feldspar powder obtained;
7.Pickling powder: sulfuric acid as builders, according to the acid concentration and feldspar powder blending amount of iron in the case of determining the concentration of sulfuric acid, feldspar powder and iron content of the added proportional to the weight of sulfuric acid, the acid to completely get rid of ferric oxide and iron oxide, ferrous sulfate solution was separated to obtain potassium feldspar powder;
8.Screening feldspar powder: the feldspar powder into 20-200 mesh sieve, sieve material is iron content of less than 0.24% of the finished product.

Feldspar Processing Equipment for Sale

From the completed flotation process, the feldspar float concentrate is dewatered to 5 to 9 percent moisture. A rotary dryer is then used to reduce the moisture content to 1 percent or less. Rotary dryers are the most common dryer type used, although fluid bed dryers are also used. Magnetic separation is used as a backup process to remove any iron minerals present.

Following the drying process, dry grinding is sometimes performed to reduce the feldspar to less than 200 Mesh for use in ceramics, paints, and tiles. Drying and grinding are often performed simultaneously by passing the dewatered cake through a rotating gas-fired cylinder lined with ceramic blocks and charged with ceramic grinding balls. Material processed in this manner must then be screened for size or air classified to ensure proper particle size.

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

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