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Ultrafine grinding dry grinding mill works and classification,dri grinding for sale Egypt

Proceed from a moderately coarse-grained material, the grinding to the ultrafine range there are three basic mechanism, they are crushed, the mechanical impact, the speed of more than 900 cm / sec (300 rev / min), the particles directly grinding. All fine particles are subject to more or less discharged the accumulated fine particles, in order to maintain efficiency.

Ring roll grinding device is working by crushed role in the compaction of the particles on. Heavy-duty rod mill and ball mill as the main role of grated, also have the right amount of low-speed mechanical shock effects.

Ultrafine dri grinding for sale Egypt

Ultrafine dri grinding for sale Egypt

The application together with the dry material crushing device classification process, to 10 microns on the average particle size of small particles will have no difficulty. About this particle size, the contact between the particles may begin to exceed 600 million / square inch times, and because the particles again pressed leaving the grinding effect is limited.

The general hammer mill low particle concentration by means of the object tablets with various rotating rod, the fixed grill or mesh of high-speed impact work. Grading role in the machine, but in order to the pulverized material to the upper half of the fineness of the ultrafine range, machine outside the grading equipment is needed.

Linear fluid energy mill is typically used to material wear to the lower half of the particle size of the ultrafine range, until the average particle size of 1 micron or less. These mill is almost entirely carried out by inter-particle grinding and efficient classification of the machine work.

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