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Dirt machine sand gravel shredder,Vibrating Screen for the dirt machine,Double deck screen and optional dirt shredder

Sand and gravel sand making production line (crushing and screening equipment) in the process of design, a reasonable match of crushing equipment at all levels, as well as strict spatial cross layout, so it has a small footprint, high economic efficiency of investment, aggregatesgood quality, powder output characteristics of low, equipped with advanced electronic control operating systems at the same time, ensure that the entire process the material smooth, reliable operation, easy to operate, energy efficient.
Diesel Screen Topsoil Dirt Machine Sand Gravel Shredder Compost Hydraulic Plant
An economical portable pulverizing/screening plant for processing top soil, compost, clay, sand, waste coal etc. A single operator can use skid steer, wheel loader, overall length 38′ 9″, 2 belts 18″ wide, Hopper approx. 10 ‘ long & 2.5- 3 yd. cap. newer yanmar diesel motor (only 650 hrs. on ) with 3 piggyback hydraulic motors w/ same hrs., This motor replaced orginal john deere motor and is super fuel efficient and has 3 hydraulic variable controls for:
1: soil hopper conveyor,
2: soil shredder,
3: main conveyor & harp deck. and optional 3rd conveyor.

Harp screen is 52″ by 32″ with 2 screens (1st. 2.5″ by 2.5″, 2nd. 1/2″ spacing on wire) I have extra 1″ screen, I will replace shredder with 22 new blades. I used a wheel loader with a 2yd bucket to load this machine and the loader couldn’t keep up with the machine on dry days. As a backup I also used a 40 hr bobcat (773) to load it.

This machine is in great shape especially consider that the original 60 horse motor was replaced with a super efficient small diesel motor that uses 3 hydraulic motors which gives gives plenty of power. I have owned older soil machines with larger motors that ran one large hydraulic motor. This machine is vastly superior in lower fuel usage, variable speeds and much more production.

Double deck screen and optional dirt shredder

Double deck screen and optional dirt shredder

Screen Machine Producer, with double deck screen and optional dirt shredder
These produce screen gravel in various sizes. We have high quality gravel that, when screened, is excellent for driveways and roads. Cement contractors like it for sub base. With no large rocks, it’s easy to work with and packs hard for a good base for concrete.The single deck screen separates large rocks from the gravel. Screening rock is good to firm up the base of sink holes or soft spots.

Our double deck screen can make four different products; screened gravel, drainage rock, screening rock and pulverized dirt. Drainage rock is a low cost alternative to washed rock and can be used for drainage around foundations and drain tile, or as a low cost decorative rock.
The double deck screen can make pulverized black dirt. The machine screens out the large rocks and debris, and the shredder beats apart the hard dirt clumps. We mix a little sand with it so it stays pliable and so it doesn’t pack as easily. Pulverized dirt is easy to work with and saves a lot of hand labor. Hard dirt clumps don’t need to be broken up.

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

In order to recommend you the most suitable plant, you are kindly requested to tell us the below information:

1 what kind of stone do you want to crush?
2 what is the material size before crushing?
3 what is the final product size do you want?
4 what is the capacity you want tons per hour?
5 what will you do with the final products?