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Difference between gyratory crusher and cone crusher

Fine crushing cone crusher working principle of gyratory crusher is basically the same, but the structure still has the difference, the main difference is:

1.Gyratory crusher, two cone shapes are steeply inclined movable cone is upright, fixed cone was inverted truncated cone, which is mainly To increase the nugget exclusion. , Crushing cone crusher, two cone shape is gently inclined, upright truncated cone, and between the two cones of a certain length parallel to the broken mine (parallel band), which is to strip minerals pull the requirements of the degree of crushing the crusher and coarse crushing crusher, it is a broken product quality and production capacity as the prime consideration.

2.Gyratory crusher, movable cone hanging on the upper beam in the machine;, crushing cone crusher, movable cone is supported on spherical bearings.

3.Gyratory crusher using a dry dust-proof device;, crushing cone crusher to use water-sealed dust-proof device.

Difference between gyratory crusher and cone crusher

Difference between gyratory crusher and cone crusher

4.The gyratory crusher is the use of the moving cone to increase or decrease the size of the mine mouth to change the row variable foot small, the crushing cone crusher adjustment can be used to adjust the fixed cone (adjustment ring) height to the width of Pai mine mouthadjustments. , fine crushing cone crusher in accordance with the adjusting device, and insurance differences in the way of the port of discharge, is divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher.

Standard cone crusher and a short head cone crusher, and the foregoing cycle coarse crushing cone crusher. Both crusher broken process is continuous in the activities broken hammer face fixed hammer face close to the time. The crusher row mine is with the own weight of ore continuing. To be broken into the machine in the ore block is determined according to the specifications and form of the crusher to the broken and the fine crushing cone crusher specifications to the end of the crushing cone size. The width of the loading port is close to the circumference of the maximum diameter of the broken space contour of the end of the loading port to determine.

The cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size suitable for the broken and fine crushing all kinds of ores, rocks. Cone crusher pieces and fine crushing the above difference, its widely used and applied to metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industry, raw material crushing.

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