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Cuenca Gold Mining,Cuenca Gold Ore Mining & Porcessing Equipment, Jaw Crusher and Ball Mill For Cuenca Gold Mining

Cuenca is Ecuador’s southern city, the capital of the Azuay province. The largest commercial center of the southern mountain, distributed cereal, fruit, cattle, leather, gold, silver, marble. Wool textiles, leather, food processing, tire, saw wood, wine, pottery, plastics and other industries, especially in the Panama hat, lace knitting, gold and silver jewelry and other handicrafts known.

Cuenca is a sulphidation gold-copper-silver deposit containing pyrite, enargite, covellite, chalcopyrite. The main mining area contains gold mineralisation associated with silica, massive, fine grained and arsenical pyrite and enargite.

Cuenca Gold Mining in Quimsacocha site

Underground mining methods have been concluded to be economical at the Quimsacocha mine. An onsite flotation facility is part of the plan.

A mill with crushing, grinding and flotation facilities will be constructed close to the mine site. The mined ore will be trucked to the mill where the coarse blocks of ore will be broken before feeding to a jaw crusher.

Ball Mill For Cuenca Gold Mining

Ball Mill For Cuenca Gold Mining

The crushed ore will be stored in silos. Two apron feeders will be used to extract the ore. Primary grinding will be carried out in a SAG mill, while secondary grinding will be done in a ball mill.

Cuenca Gold Ore Processing

Onsite sulphide flotation of gold is the proposed processing method. It will be followed by off-site pressure oxidation to extract gold and copper.

The design of the flotation process is based on a daily production of 3,000t of ore. The mine life is assumed to be eight years.

The filtered sulphide concentrate will be transported by trucks to the pressure oxidation plant which will be situated 300km from the mill. Sulphide flotation will be carried out in seven tank cells in a series.

An autoclave at the pressure oxidation site will leach iron and copper sulphides to separate gold and silver. A carbon-in-leach circuit will be used for extracting gold.

The pregnant solution containing precious metals is refined by electro-winning and smelting to produce high quality bullions.

Gold Ore Mining and Processing Plant In Cuenca

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