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Crusher Plant Working Mechanism and Performance Analysis

The crusher plant is widely used in crushing operations in many industries of mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.Common crusher including jaw crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher.

Jaw crusher plant working mechanism

Jaw crusher plant working mechanism is the use of the two jaw plate material extrusion and bending role rough broken or broken in a variety of hardness materials broken machinery. The broken bodies of the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate, when the two jaw plate close to the material is broken when two jaw plates leave the material is less than the discharge opening at the bottom of the discharge. The crushing action is carried out intermittently. This crusher due to the advantages of simple structure, reliable and hard materials can be broken and is widely used in mineral processing, construction materials, silicate ceramics and other industrial sectors.

In addition, in order to meet the nesting size requirements and compensate for wear of the jaw plate, additional nesting population adjustment device, usually put in between the bracket seat and rear rack adjust shim or wedge. However, in order to avoid affecting production, the replacement of broken parts and hydraulics can be used to achieve insurance and adjustments. Some jaw crusher with hydraulic transmission to drive the movable jaw plate, in order to complete the crushing action of the materials. These two types of jaw crusher with hydraulic gear, often referred to as the hydraulic jaw crusher.

Impact crusher plant working mechanism

Impact Crusher Plant Working Mechanism is the board hammer, high-speed impact and the rebound effect of the back plate, so that material by repeated shocks and broken machinery. Board hammer solid in a high-speed rotation of the rotor, and arranged a number of block counterattack plate at different angles along the crushing chamber. Materials into the role of the board hammer area, first by the board hammer, the first impact of the initial crushing, I do not know the direct impact crusher. And at the same kinetic energy, high speed toward the back plate. Material and back plate collision broken again bounced back into the role of the board hammer area, re-board hammer impact. And so forth, from the plane until it was broken into the desired particle size.

Cone crusher plant working mechanism

The Cone crusher plant working mechanism of the cone crusher, gyratory crusher, but applies only to the breaking or crushing operations crusher. Minor operations in the nesting size uniformity required by generally higher than the crushing operations, shall be a parallel zone, so the lower part of the crushing chamber, also speed up the cycle speed of the crushing cone, to the material in the parallel region by squeezing more than once.

Vertical shaft impact crusher plant working mechanism

The vertical shaft impact crusher plant working mechanism of vertical fall into the material from the upper part of the machine high-speed rotation of the impeller, high-speed centrifugal force, and another part of the umbrella form of triage in the material of the impeller around high-speed crash and smash, the material in each otherafter the crash, will to the material between the impeller and casing form a vortex repeatedly hit each other, friction and grinding, straight from the lower part of the discharge, the formation of the closed-loop recycled many times, finished granularity reach the required screening device control.

The vertical shaft impact crusher for crushing of soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials, plastic, widely used in ore, cement, refractories, aluminum where the soil clinker, emery, glass raw materials, mechanisms, building sand, stone andkinds of metallurgy slag, especially for silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite, Misa high-hard, extra hard, and a higher efficacy of the production of corrosion-resistant material than other types of crushers.

Gyratory crusher plant working mechanism

The gyratory crusher plant working mechanism is the cyclic movement of the broken cone in the cone cavity within the shell, squeeze the material, splitting and bending role rough broken large crushing machinery of various hardness of the ore or rock. With the top of the spindle cone crusher is supported on the beams in the middle of the bush, its lower end is placed in the sleeve of the eccentric hole. Rotation of the sleeve, crushing cone around the centerline of the machine cycle as eccentric exercise its crushing action is continuous, the working efficiency than jaw crusher. To the early 1970s, large gyratory crusher hour materials handling 5,000 tons of feed diameter up to 2000 mm.

Roll crusher plant working mechanism

The roll crusher plant working mechanism is the use of the roller surface of the friction material will be broken into bite, so bear squeeze or split and broken machinery. When used for primary crushing need to increase the crushing ratio, often the teeth or grooves in the roll surface to increase the splitting effect. Roll crusher is usually divided into the number of rollers of a single roller, double roller and multi-roll crusher, suitable for primary crushing, breaking or crushing of coal, limestone, cement clinker and feldspar such as the following materials in hard.

Hammer crusher plant working mechanism

The hammer crusher plant working mechanism is the use of high-speed impact of the role of the hammerhead, the broken and minor operations of materials broken machinery. The hammer is hinged at the high-speed rotation of the rotor body lower part of the particle size of the grate bars to control the discharge. Materials into the crusher is the first to suffer the impact of high-speed movement of the hammer while the initial crushing, and at the same kinetic energy, high-speed flying to a broken plate on the casing inner wall has again been broken. The material of the gap material is less than the grate gap from outside, is greater than the grate bars on the grate bars once again under the hammer impact and grinding until less than the grate gap after discharge.

Hammer crusher has a great crushing ratio, uniform particle size of nesting, over crushed material less energy consumption low. Wear faster due to hammer on the application of hard materials broken by restrictions; In addition, fear of clogging the grate should not use it, crushing humidity Japanese clay-containing materials. This crusher is usually used to following the crushing of limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, chalk, etc. in hard brittle materials.

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