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Cone crusher assembling,Cone crusher installation

Cone crusher drive shaft parts including drive shaft frame, shaft, bearings and couplings. Crusher transmission parts require high precision assembly parts.Before installation must carefully check if the bumps, rust, rotation is not flexible, so they should open the cleaning, assembling repaired.

Crusher accessories parts packed in front of the rack, should be put away at the flange old gasket in order to adjust the gear meshing clearance. Should the new gasket must be consistent with the old gasket thickness, it is easy to adjust. Drive shaft is loaded, the application of model checking and gear size. Transmission gear axial runout allows 0.4-0.8mm. For alloy bearing, top clearance of 0.27-0.45mm 0.15-0.25mm backlash. For copper pad, the top gap is 0.5-0.6mm, the side gap of 0.35-0.45mm. Shaft and bearing contact surface should be evenly grinding, the contact points 3-4 points / in ² (lin = 2.54 cm).

Cone crusher assembling

Cone crusher assembling

Motor shaft crusher drive shaft center deviation allowed greater than 0.15mm. When the deviation is too large, not only can cause the motor overload and increased bearing load, so that the running bearing heating or vibration, or even cause damage to the bearings.

(1) the base aspect centerline and installation baseline deviation of not greater than ± 3ram.

(2) base elevation deviation should not exceed 3ram.

(3) the base level to 0.05 mm / m.

(4) stand eccentric sleeve assembly shall comply with the following requirements:

1, eccentric, base bushing and the joint surface of the bottom tray should be cleaned prior to assembly.

2, adjusting pads on the bottom tray and thrust pad, the order specified by the equipment technical documentation for assembly with special tool. The assembly should be coated with enough oil.

3, the eccentric sleeve and bottom special tool fixed only after the load base bushing.

(5) with the gap between the tapered bushing, crushing cone spindle and eccentric base bushing

(6) bowl-shaped bearing base connection, according to the group marked for installation in the circumferential direction of the tangent key wedge, cooling jacket should be done 0.4MPa water pressure test.

(7) The bevel gear assembly shall meet the following requirements:

1, the gear meshing clearance shall comply with the the equipment technical documents.

2, the gear meshing contact spots along the tooth height and tooth length of not less than 40%, and should tend to the middle of the flank.

3, the outer end face of the two meshing gears should be flush.

(8) bowl bearings and the crushing cone spindle oil passage hole before assembly should be blown clean.

(9) Handling bowl bearings, slings should not be pressure on the slinger.

(10) when installing the crushing cone not to damage the cone.

(11) crushing cone with bowl-shaped bearing, shall meet the following requirements:

1, the crushing cone spherical bowl pad cylindrical contact, the contact width.

2, the contact surface of the contact points, should not be less than 2 points / 50mm × 50mm.

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