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California rock crushing as rent an iron crusher in the philippines

Rent an iron crusher in the philippines

Iron ore is an important raw material of steel producers, iron ore after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, elected gradually re-election of iron and other procedures.Iron ore crusher: selection of generally coarse jaw crusher or impact crusher, the fine crushing generally cone crusher, spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic jaw crusher, compound crusher, according to the size and yield of the feed requirements of the different models.

Iron ore crusher: Due to the high hardness of iron ore, it is recommended that VSI sand making machine, this machine is the only one to achieve “rock stone” function Sand with less energy consumption, high yield, large crushing ratio , by the moisture content of materials is small.

California rock crushing

California rock crushing

California rock crushing used for iron ore crushing

California rock crushing is a kind of iron ore will be progressively broken chunks of raw iron ore from (500mm or so) to the millimeter level stepwise crushing fines of mechanical equipment, usually iron ore dry separation machines for enrichment of depleted ore operations, the enriched ore bonanza into a ball mill grinding, and then choose the way the wet separation and extraction of iron ore.

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In order to recommend you the most suitable plant, you are kindly requested to tell us the below information:

1 what kind of stone do you want to crush?
2 what is the material size before crushing?
3 what is the final product size do you want?
4 what is the capacity you want tons per hour?
5 what will you do with the final products?