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Bateman mobile crusher applied in kimberlite mining crushing processing at Botswana

Bateman mobile crusher applied in kimberlite mining crushing processing at Botswana, A Bateman semi mobile crusher at Jwaneng. The machine weighs 1,500t and can handle up to 2,400t/h of kimberlite.

Debswana is the world’s leading producer of gem diamonds, contributing about 30% of world output by value from four mines. Following detailed exploration by De Beers in the 1960s, the Orapa diamond mine, located about 240km west of Francistown, began production in July 1971. It was fully operational in August 1982.

Since then, Debswana Diamond Company Ltd opened three more open pits: Letlhakane, which is 50km from Orapa, in 1975; Jwaneng, 120km west of the capital city, was discovered in 1975 and became operational in August 1982, Gaborone, in 1981-82; and the P225 million ($42.16m) Damtshaa, which is 20km east of Orapa and is managed from there, in 2003. Damtshaa mine was officially opened in October 2003.

The AK1 kimberlite at Orapa intruded Archaean and Karoo Supergroup strata some 93 million years ago. The kimberlite covers 118ha at surface, but comprises two individual intrusions that coalesce near the surface. Rocks from all three facies (crater, diatreme and hypabyssal) were identified. Current mining levels are contained within the crater-facies units. At Letlhakane, three different distinct episodes of intrusion are currently recognised in the D/K1 kimberlite, resulting in the formation of two ore types. LM2 (Letlhakane Mine 2) has a basalt content ranging from 5% to 80% while LM1, found in the northern half of the pipe, has less than 10% basalt.


Working a seven-day week, the open pits are medium- to very large-scale operations: Orapa extracts 20Mtpa of ore and 40Mtpa of waste. They use rotary drills and large shovels, either electric where grid power is available or diesel / hydraulic where it is not, dozers, wheeled loaders, and a variety of Caterpillar and Komatsu haul trucks ranging from 85st capacity to 240st capacity Caterpillar 793Cs used at Jwaneng. Truck dispatch is by computer-based systems, and Jwaneng has a Gemcom integrated mine production and management system.

Debswana Diamond awarded a $450m EPCM contract to Fluor Corporation in March 2010 to carry out the Jwaneng’s Cut 8 expansion project. The project was launched in December 2010 and extends the life of the mine out to 2025.

Majwe (a joint venture between Leighton International and Basil Read and Bothakga Burrow) was awarded a five-year, $580m contract by Debswana Diamond in May 2011 to remove 400Mt of overburden at Jwaneng mine as part of the Cut 8 contract. Under the contract, Majwe will also render services such as mine scheduling, drilling and blasting, truck and shovel waste removal as well as limited ore mining to Jwaneng mine.

Bateman  mobile crusher applied in kimberlite mining crushing processing at Botswana

Bateman mobile crusher applied in kimberlite mining crushing processing at Botswana


Debswana introduced in-pit crushing at Jwaneng in the mid-1990s. Following secondary crushing, dense-medium cyclones separate 99% of the waste from the diamonds. Tailings from this process are recrushed and recycled. Security is a key feature of plant design, especially the materials-handling systems. For example, pneumo-drier conveying systems simultaneously transport, dry and protect particulate materials.


In 2005, Debswana recovered a third successive record amount of diamond, 31.89 million carat tonnes (Mct) compared with 31.12Mct in 2004 and 30.2Mct in 2003, despite a major slope failure and the loss of a loading shovel by fire at Orapa. Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa contributed 16.3mct and Jwaneng 15.6mct.

Jwaneng produced 11.5Mct of saleable diamonds in 2010. Letlhakane mine extracted 1.2Mct of saleable diamonds from 3.3Mt of ore in 2010. Production at the Orapa mine in 2010 was 9.528Mct of diamonds.

Mobile Crusher Manufacturers

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