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Ball mill processing silica sand powder technology and equipment introduced in Sri Lanka

Ball mill For Processing Silica Sand Powder

Generally between 5-200 mesh silica sand processing is called the ordinary Silica sand powder, used in metallurgy, cast steel, chemicals, sandblasting, filter, and glass products industry as an important industrial mineral raw materials. silica as a kind of non-metallic ore, which is characterized by a hard, wear-resistant, the main component is silicon dioxide, color is white rock hardness of 7.

Silica stone crushed into a Silica sand, to be processed into powder,ball mills to mill. Silica sand contains a small amount of iron powder processing production process so it is necessary to get rid of the need to install the ceramic liner and ceramic balls in the mill-house. General ball mills Silica sand processing to about 200 mesh, the production range is adjustable.

Silica sand powder production process

Silica sand as an important industrial raw materials, according to its heat resistance, the total can be divided into common, refined, high-purity fused silica powder. Of mineral processing equipment Silica sand gives the ball mills is widely used in cement, construction materials, silicate products, refractories, and other production industries, the structure of the silica sand mill discharging part, Drives, Rotary Department components, internal ceramic lining board and ceramic ball. Silica sand ball mills process: first crush – separation – roughing – winnowing – dust – in addition to iron purification process.

Ball mill processing silica sand

Ball mill processing silica sand

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