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Apron feeder cost price in india,Apron feeder for sale,Apron feeder manufacturer

Apron Feeder for continuous conveyor kind of material machinery for horizontal or inclined direction to the crusher, conveyor or other mechanical continuous and uniform rationing and transit of material, suitable for large and medium-sized Cement production line loose, massive, large amount of feeding process can lift large, can work reliably in the harsh environment of high temperature and humidity, especially to lift large, high and sharp materials most suitable and reliable in the open air and moisture and harsh environmentsworking. At present, mainly used in small and medium-sized cement plant, a broken feed as lime ore, but also for metallurgy, coal, chemical, electric power, building materials, machinery manufacturing and other industrial sectors.

Apron feeder cost price in india

Apron feeder cost price in india

Apron Feeder Performance characteristics

1.Wide range of applications that have sharp edges and corners and strongly abrasive materials or items can be transported on the conveyor, and transportation of materials massive (particle size). Also suitable for conveying high temperature materials is less than 400 ° C below.
2.Flexible layout, the left drive plate feeder can also be the right drive, horizontal transport of materials, transportation of materials can also be tilted. Tilt angle between 0-30 degrees, the user can be selected according to the actual site.
3.Traction chain, high strength, can be used for long-distance transport
4.Chain plate bending strength, impact resistance.
5.Smooth and reliable operation, low noise.

Apron Feeder is the necessary equipment for cement production line can be divided into: light, medium and heavy plate feeder. Heavy apron feeder and medium-sized plate feeding machine mainly used for lime the ore a broken feed. Wherein the weight plate conveying the product of a larger particle size, and generally not more than 60% of the width of the plate, conveying plate width 1250mm-3150mm, light weight in board transporting material block does not exceed 140Kg, a bulk density not greater than 1200kg / m³, conveyor width in 500mm-1250mm.Models BW1000, BW1200, BW1250, BW1500, BW1800, BW2200, BW2400, transmission capacity between 60-1100T/H.

Apron feeder cost price in india

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Other Crushing and Grinding Equipment

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