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Advantages of mobile crushing plants compared to stationary crushing plants

The mobile crushing plant may also be referred to as the mobile crushing production line. Mobile crushing plant is usually divided into the crawler hydraulic-driven mobile crushing plant and tire mobile crushing station two categories, two of them can be divided into standard, closed-circuit stand-alone combination of two combinations of type. The device of its integration with vehicle mounting support.

Stationary crushing plants is the production of construction sand and stone of Equipment formation of a work pipeline, these devices do not mainly vibration to the feeder, jaw crusher,European version jaw crusher machine, Impact Crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor.

Structural characteristics contrast

Mobile crushing plant relative to the stationary crushing plants architecture is fixed, not easy to change. If the production process need to add other broken equipment and auxiliary equipment, mobile crushing plant because the equipment is fixed, the operation is slightly more complex. Mobile crushing station compact design is reasonable to reduce the transport and processing costs.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing Plant

Flexibility compared

The two most obvious and the primary difference is that when the production line, once established, the mobile crushing plant with a stationary crushing plant more mobility, more flexibility may at any time according to the need to replace the position. The mobile crushing plant traveling on ordinary roads and rough terrain, can effectively overcome the lead to the installation of the same due to their location. However, the stationary crushing plants have to be based on the topography and geographical location to determine the layout of the production line.

Mobile crushing plant can be moved to the place closest to the material, eliminating the material from mining to transport from the scene, and then crushing the processing of intermediate links, thereby greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials. stationary crushing plant can not have these features.

Installed to maintain contrast

The mobile crushing station uses the integration of the feeder, crusher. Belt conveyor and vibrating screen, and electronic control equipment, which allows it to eliminate the split components of the complex site infrastructure and support facilities installation, the unit is reasonably compact layout to maximize the optimization facilities stationed in the venue space, expanding the material stacking, the operation of the space. Because of its compact structure, if the equipment failure, maintenance may appear cumbersome, complex space situation.

Stationary crushing plant installation cost greater in order to achieve the assembly and connecting the various parts intact, which also includes some large equipment on-site assembly. If equipment was abnormal for a single device for repair and maintenance, there is no lack of space to affect other equipment.

Work efficiency compared

Relative to the various types of stationary crushing plant, mobile crushing plant is like a mobile small and medium-sized crusher processing plant efficiency and operating costs are better than stationary crushing plant at the same level or higher level. Mobile crushing plant design factors and structural factors making the price slightly higher than stationary crushing plant.

Advantages of mobile crushing plants compared to stationary crushing plants,The mobile crushing plant more performance benefits more in line with the social need for development.

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