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2005 metso lokotrak lt95 concrete crusher, united states

At a throughput rate of around 150 tonnes per hour, after initial crushing the Lokotrack then separates the concrete from its reinforcement using magnets. The soil runs through a screen, then the 0.80 gravel can be used again. But before it can be used – and this also applies to the crushed concrete – it must be tested and graded into the relevant harmful chemical groups at an external site, where a decision is taken on whether the material is appropriate for reuse. If it cannot be reprocessed it is then sent on to a hazardous waste depot. At present around half of the material sent for recycling can be re-used.

At the beginning of 2007, Gerold Richter and his team had reached the halfway point of the contract. With the new Lokotrack he was able to crush 150-200,000 tonnes in four months without problems. The contractor put this down primarily to the smooth operation of the new unit: “Compared to our old crushers this one has significantly higher availability – the machine virtually never breaks down. So reliable is it that you can basically turn it on in the morning and not worry about it until evening. The flow of materials is just about never held up.” Richter can measure this increased efficiency: the absence of operating interruptions and higher throughput means Richter achieves annually around 1,500 hours – or 10-15 % higher performance.

lokotrak lt95 concrete crusher

lokotrak lt95 concrete crusher

The crushing of the remaining 200,000 or so tonnes of concrete on the building plot is on course for completion by late January 2007, while the last of the screening and analysis process will be done a month later.

Both Lokotracks, LT95 and LT105, have a busy schedule ahead of them. Gerold Richter uses his machines for processing demolition waste on building sites and in local quarries, the latter to produce the aggregate needed for ‘anti-freeze’ sub-layers used in highway construction. Quarries, particularly small ones, also like Richter’s ability to offer a mobile standby ‘commando’: a Lokotrack that is rapidly transported to quarry sites on articulated lorries to cope with peaks in quarry demand.

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